• Reading about how Micro.blog’s new Wordpress migration tool works got me wondering whether it would work for Squarespace as well. Squarespace has a nice feature that allows you to export your site into a Wordpress-compatible XML file. You can find it under Settings > Advanced > Import/Export.

    I was a bit hesitant to just let it rip and see what happens, but Manton was kind enough to take a quick look at a sample file and confirm that it’s the same format that the Micro.blog migration tool expects to see. So, I gave it a try and was pleased to find that it worked quite well. I have a small number of manual cleanup tasks to complete, but they are mostly issues of my own creation and likely no worse than they would have been coming from a native Wordpress install.

    I still need to work out a game plan for domain names, DNS, and URL redirects before I pull the plug on my Squarespace site, but I’m excited that the heavy lifting is now done.

  • The Hawks kept it too close for comfort, but Kyrie went into “Calm down, I got this” mode. The Celtics’ winning streak extends to 9 games. 🏀

  • That’s eight in a row for the Celtics. Sorry, I’m going to post every time until this streak ends. 🏀

  • Gutsy comeback by the Celtics, chipping away at an 18-point halftime deficit to a tough OKC team to make it seven straight. Best record in the NBA. 🏀

  • The world’s first animoji music video. 🤣

  • Ooh, Things for iPad got some keyboard shortcuts today. Still missing an important one for me (Move Item), but it’s a start.

  • Here are a few of my favorite observations from Micro.blog this week:

    iOS Sharing Extension

    We got another big Micro.blog app enhancement this week with the addition of an iOS sharing extension. The initial implementation makes it very easy to flip URLs or photos from other iOS apps right into a new Micro.blog post with a couple of taps.

    Like Micro.blog’s iPad drag and drop functionality, the sharing extension allows photos with any aspect ratio to be posted through the iOS app. This preserves the simplicity of square photos with filters in the main app interface while providing a “power user” option to post non-square photos from both the iPhone and iPad.

    Halloween Highlights

    The introduction of a new pin brought out the fun and creativity on Halloween. Little Red Riding Hood and Big Bad Wolfman Jack and sick (but cute) llama were a couple of my favorite photo contributions. A haiku movement also started to spin up.

    Random Delights

    Here are a couple of unrelated items from my favorites list that brought a smile this week:

    • This week’s eBay rabbit hole is typewriters, courtesy of @kulturnation.
    • I’m not sure if it’s the sharing extension, coincidence, or my imagination, but it seems like people are stepping up their photo game. A couple of favorites came from @schuth and @kirbyt.
  • The New York Times has an interesting roundup of iconic New York locations that could have turned out very differently. The proposal to let Frank Lloyd Wright go nuts on Ellis Island was definitely new to me.

  • First Geno Time of the season, courtesy of the Sacramento Kings. 🏀

  • Blue-haired ninja and Pikachu are ready for some Halloween fun.

  • Celtics ran away from the Spurs to make it a five-game winning streak and secure coveted Micro.blog bragging rights. 🏀

  • Like a few hundred thousand of my neighbors in the northeast U.S., I woke up with no electricity this morning. While it was certainly inconvenient getting the kids up and going, it’s nice having total quiet in the house except for the sound of the wind.

  • Four in a row for the Celtics. 🏀

  • Outside the Zeiterion Theater in New Bedford, Mass.

  • Glaser, my glazier.

  • If I ever get into local politics, public sparkling water fountains for all will definitely be at the top of my platform.

  • I wish more sites offered writer-specific RSS feeds like The Intercept does.

  • Here are a few of my favorite observations from Micro.blog this week:

    Improved User Discovery Screen

    The latest versions of the Micro.blog Mac and iOS apps include an enhanced “Discover” screen. Now, in addition to a static list of recommended users, there is a rotating assortment of recent posts from the community.

    One of the things that always bugged me about the main list of recommended users is that many of them are not very are active. The new, activity-driven component of the Discover screen is much more useful for both new and established users. I pop into it much more often and have already found a few new active users to follow.

    When I mentioned conversations about pens and paper on Micro.blog last week, little did I know that it was just the calm before the storm. It was an even bigger topic this week, and it moved beyond show and tell to users helping other users with specific workflow and product recommendations.

    I’m kind of curious what other shared interests could turn into discussion topics on Micro.blog. Topics I’m interested in that I’ve seen others mention on Micro.blog include: electric vehicles, photography, NBA basketball, and cooking. Maybe I’ll pick one to write about next week and see what happens. Or, maybe someone else will beat me to it!

    Random Delights

    Here are a few unrelated items from my favorites list that brought a smile this week:

    • @colinwalker’s deep thoughts on cinematic masterpiece “Pitch Perfect” surfaced some closet Barden Bella fans on Micro.blog and will give me something cerebral to focus on the next time my sons are rewinding and replaying the projectile vomit scene (spoiler alert?) repeatedly.
    • @michal’s new business cards are great, but his 1960s-era Russian watch stole the show. (Throw me a line, so I can pull myself out of this eBay rabbit hole.)
    • @patrickrhone shared an interview he did about his sabbatical “nonline” that includes some great perspectives for people re-thinking their relationship with the Internet.
  • “The Uninhabitable Village”, another great New York Times interactive story, gets up close with tragic impact that rising temperatures are having on farming families in southern India. I find this storytelling format so powerful and immersive.

  • Great win by the Celtics. Horford and Kyrie are starting to gel, and the young guys are stepping up to compensate for the loss of Gordon Hayward.

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